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Meet Maral Jafarian, an artist from Iran who now lives in Norway. She loves creating things and has a special talent for making jewelry.Maral started her artistic journey in Iran, where she worked in textile engineering.

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Los Angeles, CA
Flying Solo с моден триумф на Седмицата на модата в Ню Йорк (Част 1)
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Los Angeles, CA

Maralkunst Jewelry 

Spoznajte Maral Jafarian, norveško umetnico iranskega rodu, katere potovanje iz Irana na Norveško je prineslo edinstveno združitev kultur in ustvarjalnosti v obliki Maral Kunst, blagovne znamke nakita, ki čudovito premošča vrzel med tradicijo in inovacijami.

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Los Angeles, CA

10,000+ Happy Customers


Big thank you for those unique earrings me and my friend got it from you as a gift 🎁 I can't to wait to wear them and visit you and your little treasure again ! 💜


Hello, Maral 🥰 thanks for letting us stop by today. You're a wonderful and beautiful artist, I love my new ring and necklace💕

Sarah Marie🌛

Gorgeous gallery of accessories and the owner is as friendly as can be. So fun to go treasure hunting in this cozy and inviting store. I bought two rings here a little while back and have been wearing them almost every day since. Definetly great quality.


I just love her art - and all the love for Frida Kahlo ❤️😍Love to be in here, she makes the nicest jewelery! 💍👑✨

Henriette Hope Solevåg

Lovely store! The service is great and you can even order online. They always have the right sizes for everyone and the quality is absolutely amazing ✨

Zaineb Malik

Fantastic selection of handmade jewellery by a very talented Maral. Make sure to check it out! 😍

Triumph Alex

Very nice staff. She is an inspirational artist with a soul of love. Think will be a regular customer there😀

Niloufar Mozaffari

In this lovely little shop, but rich in treasures and art, you are welcomed with warmth and smiles! It is incredibly beautiful to see and you can take your time. The service is brilliant and you will surely find what you are looking for! ✨😊