About Us

Hi! I’m Maral Jafarian...

An art lover, jewelry and fashion designer, and an independent mother who’s dedicated to helping you express your inner beauty, dreams, and authenticity to the world through unique and meaningful jewelry.

Every item you see in Maral Kunst holds a story…

A story about love, freedom, success, and living with a purpose.

It all started back in 2014

— A Dream Turns into Suffering —

I was born and raised in Iran. Although I studied engineering, I have loved painting since my early 20s, and I learned from top Iranian artists.

I was married and blessed with a little angel girl when we decided to move to Norway.

As a small family, our goal was to evolve our financial situation and provide a good living for our daughter.

But… once we arrived, we faced countless financial obstacles and residency issues.

To support my family, I tried to sell my paintings in Norwegian exhibitions. And also, got a full-time sales job... But none of them helped us efficiently. And most importantly, I was not satisfied…

That’s why I took the risk to rent a small shop in Grünerløkka, Oslo to launch my art gallery.

And that’s how Maral Kunst was born…

— From Miserable to Advancement  —

Unfortunately, every problem came with an emotional hurt from my husband… He blamed me for our struggles and treated me harshly and abusively.

And unexpectedly… He decided to leave me and divorce.

Really… These were the darkest days of my whole life…

I had no self-confidence that I could survive alone with my young daughter!

How can we make it?!

I had no business experience…

…I had no financial backup.

I did not even speak Norwegian fluently!

Out of that desperation and with the absolute must to take care of my young little daughter…

I decided to step up to the challenges and fight… I had to focus on operating my small gallery.

Without resources, for marketing and promotions, I had to promote my gallery in person.

Depending on building new connections and with sincerity and dedication I could attract my first few clients.

—  The Secret That Made All The Difference  —


My gallery started to get more and more visitors of women and girls who felt they belonged to that tiny place!

Everyone falls in love with the optimistic spirit and positive vibes in every inch of my gallery.

They could easily feel my pure love for them and how I’d like to help them express their feelings and inner beauty through my unique jewelry…

Since then Maral Kunst has grown viciously… 

My secret to success was…

I never put an item in Maral Kunst to be just sold… I’ve always chosen my jewelry to tell stories.

Stories about strong loving hearts like you and me…

Stories about what we stand for in life and what we can provide to the world.

Stories about our painful memories and joyful times.

Stories about our dreams and hopes for a better life.

Stories about our diversity and our unity.

These stories built my business Maral Kunst and turned me from a broke and lost woman into a successful entrepreneur.

And from a fearful person into a woman with a dauntless heart who has dedicated her life to spreading hope, love, and inspiration to you and everyone around.

——  I’m Here To Help You Tell Your Story  ——

My mission is to help you enjoy your inner beauty, love yourself, and spread love and hope to others.

That’s why I travel around the world searching for unique handcrafted jewelry that carries inspiration and deep feelings and provides them to you through my gallery and online store.

I put here hundreds of different styles, materials, and colors so that you can easily find the jewelry that matches your need for yourself or your loved ones. 

Not only this…

Maral is an artist who paints her emotions and is not afraid to follow where they lead her. Her work is an authentic representation of her own triumphs and struggles.

Her paintings draw on both traditional and contemporary influences, resulting in pieces of art that are as individual as they are beautiful.

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