5 Ways to Get Her The Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts [15+ Pieces]

Valentine’s Day is coming in just a couple of weeks and wait, have you decided what to give your significant other yet? The most romantic day of the year needs to turn out perfect, so don’t wait to get her a gift until the last minute.

You’re overwhelmed by all the choices?

While chocolates and flowers are nice gifts for Valentine’s Day, they don’t exactly scream thoughtful . Instead, we recommend sticking with a staple gift that women of all ages love: a nice piece of jewelry!

Giving her a carefully chosen, special piece of jewelry is not only romantic but also a gift that she’ll cherish forever. Each time she wears it, she’ll think of you and the special day.

And if she gets compliments on it? 

She can tell everyone that you bought for her a precious piece of jewelry for Valentine's Day. How sweet is that!

If you’re not sure exactly what kind of jewelry to get her, check out these 5 little tips to get her the perfect piece of jewelry that she would never take off.

How to Find The Best Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gifts

1. Keep It Personal.

Look at the jewelry pieces she wears every day.  The most important Valentine's Day advice we have is to remember that it’s about her. It doesn’t matter if you literally hate the black onyx signet ring, it’s not about just giving another gift but about paying attention to her style. 

Is she wearing gold jewelry? Maybe she wears sterling silver jewelry more frequently? Some women love themed jewelry like Bohemian pieces, Persian jewelry, or perhaps she even has a Symbolic jewelry collection.


Don’t give her [jewelry with] a heart if she’s a modern-dressing girl. Maybe she’ll want a chunk silver bracelet or a simple gold chain because that suits her style more.

2. Consider How Long The Two of You Have Been Together.

If you’ve only been together for a couple of weeks, buying an expensive piece of jewelry might not be something you want to undertake. In this case, consider something small and trendy, like Maral Kunst’s gold earrings. The trendy jewel will work for any woman to keep it simple, but still romantic. 

A longer relationship warrants more quality and consideration. If you’ve been together for over 6 months and you see the relationship heading somewhere, it’s time to invest in a more expensive piece.

A more serious relationship could garner a heart silver necklace, while a teeny gold love ring is still a good option for a more casual couple.

The Key To Your Heart Necklace


If you have been together for a long time, then there doesn’t have to be any stops. To show your special someone just how one-of-a-kind they are, go for a handcrafted gemstone ring, like this stunner from Maral Kunst.


Green Gemstone Necklace in Gold



Or think about a precious gemstone ring or antique diamond for gravitas, reminding someone of the special bond. 

Diamonds and gemstones make great Valentine’s gifts and can last a lifetime like your relationship.

3.  Birthstone Jewelry Gift.

Yes, we know what you’re thinking. A birthstone best suits birthdays. But this is not necessarily the case. You can buy a person a birthstone gift at any time of the year and Valentine’s is one great time to do that.

Birthstone jewelry shows your loved one that you appreciate all the traits that make her who she is .

She can appreciate an amethyst bracelet, tennis bracelet, or a set of nice-looking blue topaz earrings to symbolize her birth month as well as showcase your good taste in women’s jewelry.

Give her a nice piece of jewelry in the color of her Birthstone. This piece will become a beautiful piece that she will want to wear every day all day long !

To find out which birthstone is meant for that special one, check out our blog post What Is My Birthstone, And What Is Its Meaning?


4. Zodiac Sign Jewelry.

There’s little more thoughtful or more personal to buy as a gift for your loved one than a zodiac-inspired piece of jewellery.

The traits and choices of signs may differ; however, it is a fact that all signs of us love jewelry. 

For Aries, ‘More is Less’, so gift your Aries anything that screeches maximalist and it will surely light up her face.

Gemini don’t like to go for statement pieces but usually admire delicate designs like butterflies and stars!

Cancer are extremely sentimental and believe in ‘Forever & Always!’ . So go for Topaz silver necklaces or rings to gift your Cancer lover!


Silver 925 Indian design necklace

Leo is big-hearted and not only her hearts are made up of gold, but her jewelry also is. So gift a Leo any bright metal like amber set in brass or gold to win brownie points!

Learn more about Which Jewelry to Choose According To Zodiac Sign.

5. Stay on Spring/Summer 2021 Jewelry Trend: Pearls.

Pearls are a perfect Valentine’s gift because they possess numerous symbolic meanings and create a notion of sophistication and glamour.

The timeless look, like in a pair of simple earrings, is incredibly classy and versatile. If dainty isn’t her vibe, you can easily take a more modern approach by really piling on the pearls in a necklace, earrings, rings, and bracelets galore.

Pearl jewelry suits a range of styles, be it minimalist pieces or loud, dazzling jewelry. Opt for quality and excellent craftsmanship when choosing pearl jewelry. It really shows.


You can’t go wrong if you gift from the heart, but it never hurts to have a few ideas on how to totally win at Valentine’s Day. Choose a gift carefully so that you are able to express how much you care about her .

And finally yet importantly, tell her that you struggled with the choice.  Who wouldn’t like to hear that you took time out of your day and put effort into it? That’s thoughtful. 😉

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