The Best Zodiac Jewelry to Wear Based On Your Sign

Whether or not you’re into the whole astrology thing, chances are you know that each of the 12 zodiac signs have their own personality traits.

That’s why, if you’re searching for the best astrology jewelry — either for yourself or as a gift for your best friend, your S.O., your family, …  — finding the perfect, personalized type and style can be overwhelming.

There’s no denying the thrill of finding a present and watching your friends or loved ones open it.

But no matter how close you are, unless they tell you exactly what they want, gift shopping can be needlessly stressful.

And instead of spending way too much on a gift someone may not like, there’s no harm in asking the stars for some help and guidance in picking the right one .

From delicate jewelry, cool zodiac jewelry to daring, bold statement pieces about which sign they are, no matter their personal style, this year, the perfect gift is written in the star. 

Here are some gorgeous Zodiac jewelry pieces for each zodiac sign. They're perfect to match any outfit.

Jewelry For Aries (March 21 – April 19)

While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is in the front, leading the pack.

Heads turn when the fire sign walks into a room probably thanks to their stand-out accessories and jewelry choices.

An Aries loves a challenge and isn't afraid to make their voice heard.

Forward thinking and dynamic, Aries favours fresh new fashion and loves to be ahead of the curve when it comes to their style choices.

Their high energy and enthusiasm reflected in the jewelry they choose and usually go for spikes and angular shapes.


Fearless Aries girls are all about the nuanced bling.

You can get away with wearing clashing jewelry colors, like yellow gold and silver.

As the leader of the zodiac, there's nothing more fitting for you than a combination of different length zodiac pendant necklaces (one boasting the Aries charm pendant).

It embodies the same confident and bold aura you possess!

Jewelry For Taurus (April 20 – May 20 )

An Earth sign that is attached to the materialistic things in life.

You truly know how to outshine expectations in anything you do.

You like matching trendy jewelry with classic items for a surprise element sometimes, which is why a geometric circle earrings is the perfect match.


Geometric Circle Statement Earrings

Taurus jewelry tastes are curated and practical.

Feeling comfortable is a priority for you, and once you've found a particular style that works, you tend to stick with it, which is why Taurus will also love a gold stainless steel waterproof necklace paired with earrings that's comfortable for everyday wear.

Roman Numeral Circle Gold Necklace

Taurus women appreciate craftsmanship. You don't mind splashing the cash on pieces you know will last a long time.

So look to wow pieces with impact that can stand the test of time, own your style and reap the rewards of confidence.

Since their strong body part is the neck, necklaces are the go to accessory. A necklace like this will refer to their classy and stable side while expressing that they are a proud Taurus.

Give Me A Hug Necklace in Silver

It comes with different silver options to match with different sets, as a Taurus never likes to mix things up.

Jewelry For Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Never wears the same thing twice, a Gemini takes pleasure in wearing pieces that turn heads and have people asking questions.

Specifically, “What are you wearing? And, where did you get that?” You're a social butterfly, Your ability to woo anyone you meet is exactly why you need a necklace as captivating as you.

Transformation Butterfly Necklace

You covet accessories, but you love to switch up your look depending on your mood basically there's no pinning you down.

Gemini has a vibrant and lively personality and will go for jewelry that makes them look younger. 

You admire, basically, anything that is quirky, colorful and sparkles!

Colorful Gemstone Gold Band Ring

Gemini is witty and communicative and likes to communicate through your jewelry as well.

Sometimes there's no surprise when you notice Gemini Jewelry feature tiny birds, insects and bees!

Flower Bird Ring in Yellow Gold

Gift a Gemini a jewelry piece that works for more than one occasion and she/he is bound to be happy!

Jewelry For Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is a water sign that values timelessness more than anything else.

White is a key color for this water star sign, and luckily, it's also one of the most timeless and versatile hues out there.

Modern Promise Band Ring in Rose Gold

The pieces of their style should be in style forever.

You prefer outfits and jewelry that will look good and fashionable on any occasion, rather than trendy.

Add feminine accessories like fashion chains or a delicate bracelet to add more personality to your look.

Green Chalcedony Gold Bracelet

Your emotional nature makes you care for the meaning of the jewelry more than its value.

You value simple necklaces and gold plated earrings, since they represent time and colors from the sea.

Such as very light blue or green is suitable for you, are a subtle reminder that this is a woman who knows what she wants, is well organized, but oozes an understated authority.

Aqua Chalcedon White Topaz Earrings

Forget the budget in your mind when you are gifting a piece of White Topaz jewelry!

They are the people who are extremely sentimental and believe in ‘Forever & Always!'.

Make sure your jewelry gift idea is well-thought-of and has an emotional reason behind it. They'll treasure the jewelry forever. 

Jewelry For Leo (July 23 – August 22 )

Stopping traffic, drawing longing glances, attracting attention – this is the agenda of Leo's wardrobe.

Their accessories should speak for them as soon as you walk into a room.

Statement jewelry like coloured gemstones are the perfect way for them to keep your style loud and proud.


Colorful Pearl Gemstone Ring

A Leo is probably the most optimistic and enjoyable person around you.

They are big-hearted and not only their hearts are made up of gold, but their jewelry also is. They like big, cuban bracelet, gold plated rings as much shiny as possible.

Green CZ Cuban Chain Bracelet

Champagne is another color they should consider to be impressive.

Champagne Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Gift a Leo these big earrings, as they are noticeable as much as elegant. Leo will feel very attractive wearing them.

Jewelry For Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Meticulous in nature, analytical thinking and their unique logic make Virgos the detail-oriented organizers of the Zodiac world.

They like to keep your lives, surroundings, and style in order.

They prefer simple and delicate pieces such as pearls to display their simple, yet classy personal style. The cut, shape and the style of the piece are very important for them.

Calligraphy Smile Pearl Necklace

They don't like pieces that move a lot.

For example, pendant earrings are not a good choice for them, unlike bangle bracelets that fit them perfectly.

 Wide Edge Gold Bangle Bracelet

As an earth sign, Virgos flourish with neutral tones. They never go for overpowering jewelry and have a very subtle taste.

If you want minimum fuss from a Virgo, go for a white dainty pearl or dark intricately designed oxidized jewelry.

Give Yourself A Hug Pearl Necklace

Impress the Virgo you know by getting them this trendy pearl necklace that oozes with style.

They won't ever want to take it off and can organize the complementary necklace in any order she wants.

Jewelry For Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Inspired by the books they read, the museums they visit, and the travels they go on, it's no surprise that Libra pick up fashion trends easily.

They know what looks good on them and choose uncomplicated jewelry.

Libras are extremely delicate and emotional.

They have a high-end taste of aesthetics and lively energy. They are fond of silver and metallic jewelry.

Blue Stone Flower Necklace

So these silver necklaces with various lengths will be a perfect gift for your Libra lady.

It's understated enough to look great for daily wear and can be combined with other necklaces easily.

Libra Constellation Zodiac Necklace

Jewelry For Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

 Known for being mysterious and elusive, Scorpio's have an almost magnetic charm that draws everyone towards them.

Maybe it's their personality, or maybe it has more to do with their incredible style and aesthetic.

Scorpions are multi-faceted and hide their true emotions from the world.

They tend to choose jewelry that reflect the mysterious natures of Scorpio while offering a classy addition to their look. So the sophistication of abstract face earrings is perfect for them.

Abstract Women Face Earrings in Gold

Or when you're buying jewelry for a Scorpio, don't go overboard! You can gift them a simple gold necklace.


Jewelry For Sagittarius ( November 22 – December 21)

Sagittarius have a cheerful and optimistic nature.

They have an intuition to see the good in anything and everything, which helps them spread the joy around.

They like to have fun with their sense of style, as well as making their style a fun way to express themselves.

They like to experiment with new jewelry.

Swing Chain Necklace in Gold

The memories of their jewelry pieces are more important than their value for them, especially if they are souvenirs from an adventure.

They like to keep their outfits bold, therefore simplistic and plain jewelry- like a zodiac sign calligraphy necklace- is more suitable for an understated, yet cool-girl vibe.

Sagittarius Calligraphy Necklace

Sagittarius is an air sign; hence they have a thing for blue and its shades.

This silver blue stone necklace will look very good on a Sagittarius.

Colorful Blue Gemstone Earrings

It has an adventurous look with shades of light blue. It also represents the adventurous spirit of the sign.

Sagittarius women are full of energy and wit.

Gift your Sagittarius girl a beautiful gold necklace that play up these characteristics of their zodiac sign.

Jewelry For Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Fidelity and ambition are the two words to define a Capricorn.

They like to plan, work, plan again and work again. When they set a goal, nothing in this world can stop them.

You are simple and to the point.

Your power always merges effortlessly with your femininity and lovely curves.

You always opt for a style that says everything with the least amount of effort.

Your closet is full of simple staples and a good selection of statement necklaces, bracelets, and rings.

 Roman Numeral Symbol Ring

Their pragmatic approach towards life makes them think of jewelry as both an accessory and a way for investment.

They will always focus on high quality and craftsmanship.

As an Earth sign, they like every material related to earth. Such as leather bracelets or precious stones.

Tiger Eye Stone Leather Bracelet

Garnet is their lucky birthstone and it can be paired with silver or metallic materials. 

Genuine Garnet Gemstone Ring

Capricorns are inclined towards the materialistic things in life, so make sure to gift them a piece of classy jewelry but if you are on a budget, go for birthstones as it's an earth sign and likes everything close to nature. 

Jewelry For Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The Aquarius is unique in their own right, and they don't follow trends.

The mysterious and free-spirited traits that Aquarius' possess are also reflected in their personal style.

They will either wear jewelry that will make them stand out or go jewelry-bare.

Necklaces, a combination of various chains or pendants are the perfect way to express their free-spirit.

This set also makes the impression they are fond of. When paired with a bracelet with different stone charms, this style will satisfy an Aquarius really well.

You love experimenting with bold prints, shapes and colors to show off the *intense* part of your personality.

It's all about shining the spotlight on you, so this chain earrings gives you that chic and individual look you've been craving. Shine on, Aquarius! 

Jewelry For Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces people are well-known with their dreamy and emotional nature.

They are elegant and calm. 

Pisces are true romantics at heart, so jewelry and accessories should be whimsical and dainty.

They prefer classic jewelry that stands the test of time and beauty that is well versed and appreciated in a variety of cultures.

They explore trends but prefer to honor the classics.


This soft and sensual owl necklace is the perfect match for your love of all things magical and mysterious.

Wear it on a bracelet that complements your simple Boho style and encapsulates that free spirit.

Pisceans are selfless and unworldly but also easily get affected.

If you are close to a Piscean, you will know their moods are constantly changing, their style choices also change with their emotions and the trend they want to follow next.

You can't predict what jewelry they will actually like. So gift them jewelry that is timeless.


I hope these tips and ideas help you find your favorite zodiac jewelry! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and let me know in the comments below what your zodiac style is xD.

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