Jewelry bar experience

This is an entirely different way of making jewelry 

It's not about becoming a jewels 

 This workshop is all about experiencing something new while enjoying the vibe, networking, and making great memories. 


What do you expect from the Maral jewelry bar experience? 


 1. You can make your jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, Anklets 

 2. You can bring your old jewelry that you don't use anymore and make something new out of it. 

 3. You learn how to repair your jewelry when it gets broken. 


We are working with these essential tools. 


  • Round nose pliers :

The perfect tool for forming loops in wire, this is especially handy


  • Chain nose pliers :

 Use them for opening and closing 

 Jump rings, holding small items, and shaping wire.


  • Side cutter :

These are our go-to when cutting thin metal wire (up to 1mm) or flexible jewelry string wire.


And we need some basic jewelry supplies such as 

  • Head pin 
  • Eye pin 
  • Lobster clasp 
  • Jump ring 
  • Earring hook 
  • Crystals and gemstones 


You can bring your old jewelry as well. 

I will provide you with all materials above 

If you want extra for your pleasure, you can make the purchase.


Event :

It will take basically between 2-3 hours 

You can book one o one 

Either you can book as a group of two up to 6 

I provide welcome drinks, Softs, snacks, sweets, tea, and coffee. 

You will learn how to use these materials and make yourself or your friend's jewelry. 

While having fun and making memories together 

That is all about being and feeling 

Experiencing something new that you maybe never have done before.


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