Jewelry bar experience

Maral Kunst Jewelry Workshop

What You Get:

   Guidance from Maral:

 Receive expert guidance from Maral throughout the 3-hour workshop.

   All Materials Provided:

 Explore your creativity with provided gems, beads, chains, crystals, wires, clasps, jumping rings, strings, head pins, eye pins, and other jewelry supplies.

   Basic Tools Training:

 Learn to use basic tools like round-nose pliers, chain-nose pliers, and cutters.

   Design Options:

 Create your choice of jewelry, be it earrings, necklaces, bracelets, or anklets.

   Gallery Tour for Inspiration:

 Immerse yourself in a gallery tour to spark inspiration for your designs.

   Redesign Your Old Jewelry:

 Discover how to breathe new life into your old jewelry pieces with Maral's guidance.

   Jewelry-Making Skills:

 Acquire practical skills on making, repairing, and redesigning jewelry.


   Fear-Free Creativity:

 Overcome the fear of "I can't" or "I don't know how" and embrace the joy of creation.

   Warm Drinks and Snacks:

 Enjoy complimentary snacks and warm drinks, creating a cozy and inspiring atmosphere.

   Take Home Your Creations:

 Leave with the satisfaction of having crafted your unique jewelry pieces.


    Join us on this transformative journey of creativity and self-expression with Maral.

    Reserve your spot here now to unlock the artist within!


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